What’s Next for Estateya?


Software as a Service (SaaS) computing is what’s next and we’re very excited about this new direction because of the amazing real estate investment tools we have to offer. But first, what exactly is Software as a Service or SaaS computing? In a nutshell, SaaS computing lets a company use a relevant application or software tool while it runs on the vendor’s infrastructure.  In other words, when you run an SaaS application, you log into your vendor’s website to operate the app, not your own. This is very different than applications that are licensed to run on-site, (e.g., enterprise systems), where a company would buy the license to run the application on its own infrastructure.

What are the benefits of SaaS computing?  There are plenty. Like we mentioned above, instead of having to buy a license to run an application and then continue to pay for maintenance, support and upgrades for on-site applications, SaaS computing allows you to ‘rent’ an application or software tool for a period of time.  This is usually done on a subscription basis, which covers the costs mentioned above that you would usually have to pay for onsite installation of software.  With SaaS computing, there are also no installation fees or ongoing operational fees.  (Note: SaaS computing should not be confused with cloud computing which is essentially computer infrastructure and services that you can rent). In addition to the lower initial acquisition and setup costs, SaaS computing also offers the ability to be up and running quickly as well as greater and more flexible scalability. Furthermore, SaaS applications are available from any computer and from anywhere. Finally, because the SaaS provider is responsible for all the updates and upgrades, the customer doesn’t have to worry about any of that. The service provider does it all.

Why is Estateya going in this direction? Simply put, we have such excellent real estate investment applications and they are in such demand, that we wanted to make them available beyond just the Estateya community.

Estateya SaaS applications that will be available soon:

 Estateya Insights –  See which cities receive the most real estate searches and which ones have the highest yields; view our heat map to see trending real estate opportunities around the world; and use our search history tool to learn where the market is heading.

Estateya Analytics – Use our data-driven analytics to make predictions about real estate investment trends. Our intelligence-based analytics gathers data on collective interests and market trends which you can then use to better understand who your product’s or service’s target audience is, what they are looking for, and how to reach them.

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