How to use Estateya Tutorial

How to Use Estateya

Welcome to the “How to Use Estateya” Page. We wrote this page so that users and visitors could see, at a glance, how easy it is to register on Estateya and use all of its different features. We hope you find it helpful. Of course, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us at anytime. We’re always happy to hear from you and will respond as quickly as possible.

Step 1: Register l Log In:

This is a quick process and you can login via Facebook or Linkedin as well as right on Estateya.


Step 2: Choose your investment budget:

image (1)

Step 3: Tell us the investment locations that interest you:


Step 4 Setup Your Profile Page:

Here you can see who you are following, who is following you, properties you’re following, projects and investment areas that you’ve created, and more. Remember to provide as complete a profile as possible, including a personal photo, so other members can more easily understand your investment interests.



And you’re in! Simple as that! Now let’s take a look at all the different options you have on Estateya.

Option 1: Start Posting Content on Our Feed

This is a great place to provide information about your services, products, and properties as well as real estate news and updates.  You can use hashtags in your post to aid content searches, upload photos, share links and videos and comment on and like other content you see.

Option 2: Add Properties to the Marketplace:

It’s easy to add new properties to the Estateya Marketplace. Start by either clicking on the Marketplace tab or just clicking on the “+Add Property” button at the top of the feed page.  From there, simply follow the steps as you are prompted on each page, making sure to provide mandatory information, such as rental amount, price etc.  Mandatory fields are indicated with an asterisk (*). When you have completed uploading your photos and providing the property details, just click the ‘Finish’ button to publish your property.


Option 3: Use our ROI Calculator

You can use our ROI calculator in rent or flip mode to measure return on investment. You can access this tool either by clicking on the calculator button seen at the top of each page or from every property page where the property details are listed.


Option 4: Open a Hidden (VIP) Property.

This is a  unique feature for off-market properties, wholesale properties, and private collaboration.  To publish a VIP property, you will first need to set up your VIP code in your profile. You can then share this code with your colleagues and other interested parties who will be use the code to see the deal.


Option 5: Use Estateya Analytics

Estateya analytics is a business intelligence (BI) tool that lets our users see not only what the Estateya network is measuring, but also where the popular investment locations are, and investment trends and forecasts.

Thanks again for checking out our “How to Use Estateya”.  We hope to see you on Estateya soon!


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