Do We Need A Facebook For Real Estate Investment?

According to, “today, nearly  80% of real estate agents are using Facebook to market their practice and properties.” Mashable then quotes a realtor who says she uses Facebook to promote listings, to market open houses and to notify other agents and the public about price drops and additional incentives. The same agent goes on to say that ‘in this economy, I think many agents have embraced the social media world to promote their brand and their listings because it’s free, easy, and efficient”. agrees stating that “social media can help forge the connections that make realty go round’. They also state that “the real estate industry is second overall in terms of inbound engagement relative to audience size”. (Second only to utilities).

And that’s where we come in; Estateya is the premier market network for the real estate investment market.

What Exactly is a Market Network?

Since we’ve seen such massive growth in market network developments for so many industries including real estate, home design (Houzz), and weddings (Honeybook), we think that’s a really good question to ask and we’re happy to answer it:

First, as the name suggests, a market network combines the main elements of both marketplaces and networks. Second, market networks use the software as a service (SaaS) model to promote workflow and to emphasize longer-term projects rather than quick transactions. And third, market networks allow their members establish and build long-term relationships by offering individualized communication and collaboration.

So how can you take full advantage of the Estateya market network?

Here are the six top practices for using Estateya in real estate investment marketing.

  1. Use Estateya To Connect Potential Clients:

Social media has made it much easier for us to conduct quick research on topics of interest, make critical decisions on the topics we care about, and establish personal connections with new people. Where we once used to hand out business cards or had to ask for phone numbers or email address, now we just remember the names of people we want to connect with or know more about and look them up on Facebook or LinkedIn.

But Estateya takes it one step better. Once you’ve set up your Estateya profile, you can then start inviting friends and colleagues to follow your content on the Estateya feed, create property pages, for private and joint ventures, and mingle with other marketers, investors, and entrepreneurs.

However, we also understand that there are many brokers who still chose to use their personal Facebook or Linkedin accounts for posting rather than set up a business page for that purpose. That’s why Estateya does not stand apart from the top players in the social media ecosystem. Rather we enable users to continue connecting and sharing content on all the major networks via Estateya.

On the other hand, realtors will often start to set up a business page on Facebook, but then decide to just focus on building a personal network. “At Estateya, we’ve recognized that there’s just not enough time and resources to manage posting in two places. Also using the personal network is not always comfortable when it comes to investment planning,” says Lior Herman, Estateya CEO and co-founder. According to Herman, about 75% of his Facebook network postings are for personal issues while LinkedIn postings are 100% business content. In contrast, as an all-in-one real estate investment platform, Estateya provides a cohesive view; it has a marketplace, a newsfeed, a blog, analytic and ROI tools, photos and ads for listings, as well as the option for private joint venture (JV) pages for investors groups.


2. Stream Updates Straight to Main Feed:

In the past few years, we’ve seen a shift away from the monthly newsletter as a primary source for business updates and a move towards the use of different social media to stay on top of the latest business news; and these updates are daily and more current. And this is exactly what Estateya does because you can use the Estateya feed for receiving and posting regular industry and marketplace updates.

3. Lead your Extended Network:

While extended networks can be one of your best sources of new business, it is better not to bombard your FB friends with business-related posts. It’s much better to refer them to relevant market networks, blogs, or ecommerce sites, like Estateya, for example, where you can direct real estate specific information at people interested in real estate.

4. Integrate Estateya into Your Marketing Distribution:

You don’t need to limit people to just following you on Estateya from your profile page. Instead, there are plenty of ways to integrate Estateya into your marketing efforts. For example, if you’re blogging, you can post each new article on Estateya as well; you will benefit both from the comments you’ll receive from the Estateya community and the ability you have to comment directly onto Facebook using the comments API tool.

You can also integrate Estateya into your email marketing campaigns. For example, when marketing a property across multiple channels, Facebook can present the pictures while Estateya can show the ROI and Yield breakdowns (income per month, maintenance expenses, tax, exec’) on the property page you create. That way you can cover a variety of buyers and investor personalities, so if a person wasn’t attracted to one aspect of your deal, s/he might be attracted to another aspect.

5. Boost Content Using Estateya Location-Based Ads:

Our Estateya Ads have become a favorite way for real estate marketers to boost content about themselves as well as the properties they are listing. To get the most value out of this feature, keep these key points in mind:

When designing your ad, Estateya recommends that you write clear, targeted ads with concise text that speaks directly to the audience you will reach. Include a URL so the user can navigate to navigate to the desired page.

Secondly, be smart about the image you post in the ad. Potential buyers are more interested in seeing what the property looks like, not what the agent looks like. And, if you have data charts and graphs, be sure to include them.  Users like to see tables and figures if the information is organized clearly and in a focused way.

Finally, consider your target demographic and interests. You can use google analytics to determent where your target audience comes from and then use Estateya Analytics to learn where and on what properties the Estateya community is searching. You can also use Estateya for new deals and to learn the market history and current investment trends.

Ever since the subprime crisis, agents have been very cautious and targeted with their spending on marketing budgets, which is another great reason to use Estateya. Estateya currently charges only 5$ for Boosts, making this feature more available and within reach to the everyday broker, entrepreneur or service provider.

6. Professionalize your Image, Engage Your Community:

And remember: put thought into what you post on your Estateya profile. Professional pictures in your profile with business logo are more likely to inspire trust than no image at all. Every Estateya member represents a potential new contact, client or partner, so it’s critical that you pay close attention to the image you’re creating with your posts and pictures.

Finally, try to keep your posts positive and informative. “People don’t want to see how tough the real estate market is, they prefer coaching and mentorships”, says Herman.  Use your leadership and knowledge as a presence that educates and inspires your community. After all, investment is a lot about the psychology of the real estate investors and most importantly, it’s about making our lives more economically comfortable.

So, are you a real estate agent or investor on Estateya yet?

If you are, we’d love to hear your insights and tips!

Post on our feed, let us know in the comments below or just mail me:


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