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“Property Tech” – The Latest Buzzword in Real Estate Investment

It seems long overdue, but two of the biggest wealth-creating industries, technology and real estate, are now coming together to create technology-enabled real estate investment. Examples abound, from the launch of online property portals Zillow and Trulia in the US and Rightmove in the UK, to OfficeRnD for planning, creating,

The Difference Between Real Estate Notes and 401k When it Comes to Long Term Investment

Another excellent article for novice investors coming to us from Red Enterprises. In this article you’ll learn about using real estate notes to help you build capital and credibility in the real estate market and how they compare to 401Ks. So, we hope you enjoy this article, and please, if you do

Estateya: Featured on Geektime – How to Invest in Real Estate

We are so very proud and pleased to have been featured on Geektime – the largest international tech blog located outside the U.S.  Geektime reports on global innovation and highlights promising startups across the world and they posted a featured article about our very own Estateya! The articles explains all of the amazing services

“A Newbie’s Introduction to Real Estate Notes”

  We are very pleased to share this article about real estate notes by Red Enterprises who specialize in real estate notes and contract purchasing. This article is an excellent introduction to real estate notes, what they are and how to use them. Feel free to add your thoughts or comments

Lior Herman featured Estateya at StartUp Camel

  StartUp Camel podcast reveals the inside stories behind today’s emerging Israeli startups. Every week we release an insightful interview with the founder of a rising Israeli startup. You’ll hear each founder’s personal story about their rises and falls, how they team up with their co-founders, where did the funding came

7 Reasons to Invest in New York

There are plenty of very strong and convincing reasons to invest in New York real estate in 2016. In fact, according to Business Insider, “New York City regained its top position among global commercial real estate buyers, unseating London and highlighting the appeal of U.S. properties in general…” And CNBC.

Use the Estateya Pyramid Strategy for Successful Investment

Successful investment takes knowledge, tools and strategy. That’s why we’ve outlined a special formula for investment. It’s called the Estateya Pyramid Strategy for Successful Investment. We suggest you to follow the steps in this strategy to help you invest wisely and simply. They are listed below: 1. Start by setting investment goals (for example, ask yourself if you

Estateya is Expanding into Europe’s Distressed Properties Market

With so much going on in our lives and in the world, it’s hard to keep up on all of the greatest investment opportunities; some things just fly under the radar. No need to panic, though; Estateya is here to help. That’s why we’re expanding our deal flow reach into

New Advisor on Board!

The latest good news for Estateya is the addition of Alon Chaver to the Estateya Advisory Board. Alon is part of our strategy to expand further into the US market and establish operations in Silicon Valley by 2016. Alon is a veteran of the real estate industry with more than 25

Estateya Expands Management Team

Former Amdocs , DOX (NASDAQ) real estate manager expands Estateya’s industry operations and enhances due diligence process.  Here at Estateya, we like to keep our members and visitors well-informed about all of our features and our assets, so that’s we want to talk a little about Rani Simcha, the CEO of the Estateya

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