Estateya Expands Management Team

Former Amdocs , DOX (NASDAQ) real estate manager expands Estateya’s industry operations and enhances due diligence process. 

Here at Estateya, we like to keep our members and visitors well-informed about all of our features and our assets, so that’s we want to talk a little about Rani Simcha, the CEO of the Estateya Real Estate Division, and one of our team greatest assets.

Estateya’s founder and CEO, Lior Herman, who is also the chief product strategist, said that, in addition to having the technical infrastructure to support product development, with Rani, Estateya now has the ability to deliver structured deal flow.  Lior further added that Rani’s long and extensive background in real estate investment and assets managment at Amdocs and sound judgment are invaluable to Estateya.

Rani’s real estate background begins shortly after receiving his BS.c – Bachelor of Science degree in civil engineering from the Technion, Israel’s Institute of Technology, as he followed that with a degree in real estate appraisal, also from the Technion.   But Rani’s interest in real estate actually started even before he attended university. His father, a construction project manager for over 40 years, often worked abroad and Rani’s family would live in the countries where he worked.  Seeing his father’s work in real estate construction sparked Rani’s interest in real estate at an early age, so he pursued this profession in his studies.  Soon after receiving his degree in civil engineering, Rani began studying real estate formally. This in turn led to a professional move from pure engineering and construction management to real estate management. Rani’s first formal job in real estate was as the international real estate manager for Comverse.

Rani has also been actively investing in real estate on a personal level for many years.  Shortly after he was married, rather than buying a home for him and his wife to live in, he bought an apartment to rent out while he and his wife lived with his in-laws. The investment outcome was very successful and led to subsequent successful real estate investments where he bought property, remodeled it, and then either sold or rented it.  Rani says he prefers investments where he can apply his analytical skills, especially in terms of analyzing future city plans that might affect the real estate project he is involved with.

When asked what he sees as the greatest difference between a startup work environment such as Estateya and the work environment of an established enterprise such as Amdocs, where he used to work, Rani said that “when you work at large enterprises you feel like you have back up in the name of the corporation and you feel like part of a well-oiled machine, which is a comforting feeling. In contrast, when you work at a startup like Estateya, you feel like you are creating something, initiating something, and paving a new path independently, every day. You cannot rely on corporate resources (because they don’t exist yet) so you have to work closely with team members and do things as a close knit team. And this is altogether a unique, challenging, and fun experience.”

Rani’s plan for Estateya is to focus on the Estateya goal to make investment simpler and more accessible for everyone. He believes that by focusing on this goal, Estateya will become the ‘go-to’ site for real estate investment worldwide.

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