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Estateya has signed an agreement with AltaLab Accelerator

Estateya, the premier market network for international real estate investment, is raising SEED funds with the AltaClub Angel Investors Platform. Estateya, the premier market network for international real estate investment is raising a seed round after a successful product launch earlier this year, using the AltaClub Platform. After joining the AltaLab accelerator program in June, Estateya


Why your day job is making you lose money, the solution is simple.

Most of us understand that in order to really earn money, just working for a salary isn’t enough. We need to invest our money. More over, our salary is never enough and it takes us back because everything become much expensive while our money stays the same. The Rich people nows


The Leadership-Profit Chain

We are very pleased to present this post about the impact of leadership on organizational productivity and profitability by the Ken Blanchard Companies. The Ken Blanchard Companies® is a global leader in workplace learning, productivity, and leadership effectiveness that is best known for its Situational Leadership® II program—the most widely taught


Do We Need A Facebook For Real Estate Investment?

According to, “today, nearly  80% of real estate agents are using Facebook to market their practice and properties.” Mashable then quotes a realtor who says she uses Facebook to promote listings, to market open houses and to notify other agents and the public about price drops and additional incentives.


Off-market Listings, Whisper Listings, Secret Sales, Pocket Listings: What You Need to Know

There’s been an uptick in interest and searches for off-market listings (also called whisper listing, secret sales or pocket listings) recently, spawning, of course, greater interest and more searches. And the trend is spreading too, so that off-market listings, which were once the purview of only the very wealthy, are